EVERYDAY: My Christmas with Family


As you’ve probably noticed, the Annual Christmas Salubong is at our house. πŸ˜€ Difference? Robert and Eulah are not here. Jeska and Chris went home after opening the gifts.

My family before the chaos. πŸ˜€ Ta Alice was sleeping already.

Chris and Jeska and Ninang Irma with their gifts.

My dad and my Mom with their gifts. My Dad also received a Lazy Boy but until now, it’s not assembled. I hate how my dad’s gift to my mom is just a list of the stores she wants and gets to choose. He doesn’t look prepared and looks last minute. While My Mom prepared for his gift and several others.

Alexis and Ninong Al

Ninang Baby and Ate Ivy with their gifts.

My Brother and I and lastly,


Ate Nita withe her gifts. Angel and the other 2 Caregivers were with Ta Alice.


Merry Merry Christmas from my Family to yours! Happy Birthday, Jesus! πŸ˜€


Christmas Gift from Family

  1. Aquablue Bag from Vincci
  2. White Drawstring Bag from My Mom
  3. Black and White Dress from Chris and Jeska (too big) :/
  4. Uniqlo Jeans from My Mom (which was bought when I was with her)
  5. Juicy Bag from My Mom
  6. A list from my Dad (Topshop, Swatch, F21, Uniqlo, H&M or M&S)


Christmas Gift from Relatives

  1. Maroon Dress from Ninang Baby
  2. Loreal Foundation from Ninang Baby
  3. Parfois Earrings from Ate Ivy
  4. Drawstring Red and Green Shorts from Ninang Irma and Ninong Al.


Thank you, and Merry Christmas Again!


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