I’ve been wanting to try this — been wanting to eat a whole lot of shrimp and finally — LOML gave into my pleading.

Everything seemed to be crisp clean because of the white walls and the not so crowded area. — or probably it was just us, that’s why.

We picked the Shrimp Catch for Php 500. They had three sauces to choose from — (Aye Caramba – Paprika chorizo, Bali Coco – coconut, Garlicky Lime & salted Egg) and we picked none of them. We were craving for Garlic Buttered. What can you do? Good thing that Chef gladly prepared it for us. The bad thing though, it was not fucking on the menu therefore they do not know how to do it — epic fail.
Now there’s the pile of shrimp, and a cube of butter that is obviously not melted because it was just sitting there. It was DEFINITELY NOT A GARLIC BUTTERED DISH. i cannot blame them, it’s not on their menu and we just insisted.

Then, we also ordered their Pork Sisig for Php 220. LOML liked the Sisig. I didn’t.



Overall, well I didn’t like any of it. I’d rather go to the cramped, “karinderya-restaurant” type just like the ones at Dampa anytime.
Though, staff are very friendly and chef was accommodating, food was disappointing.

This, I can say, we won’t be back.

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