You know how sometimes you really want to restrict yourself from eating but at the same time, you’re also itching to try something new? Well, this is it. I am forcing myself to go on a diet (because of our cebu trip) but i’m a failure at the diet part. As you can see. We tried Esquire’s Best Cheeseburger! Now, wouldn’t you be intrigued? 


We ordered for Nutella and Salted Caramel – Php 160. Actually, Alex here is not fond of sweets. But I wanted both so she settled with Salted Caramel, both flavors, I wanted to try. Nutella was so, so, so good. The Salted Caramel however, tasted too much like Caramel. It was too sweet. It should be Caramel – not Salted Caramel. It was good, nonetheless. 11987153_10153512352066878_4025751017264732164_n

For the Main Event, we both ordered the Cheeseburger – Php 170 ofcourse. And, Erwan and the others were not kidding! It was goooooddd! Imagine with all of our food, I’m on a diet — and we both finished the damn thing! together with fries!

BTW, We also ordered Ecstasy Fries – Php 130. It was covered with ecstasy sauce, cheese and caramelized onions. They have a variety of other fries too. And, Alex also ordered Buffalo Wings – Php 220. According to her, it’s WHOAH. I didn’t taste it, sorry. I wouldn’t know.


It was definitely a worthy lunch under the sun.

P.S. It’s an open place. I suggest you go at night or late in the afternoon.

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