EVERYDAY: Last Day of Managerial Accounting & Information Technology

It’s been fairly quite easy this term. Not as toxic. Thank you, Sir Solomon for making our lives easier. I thought it was going to be a taxing term since well, duh. It’s accounting. But it’s not. — which is also one of the reasons why I’m also ashamed at the same time. No one actually ever listens to him intently and participate expect for the 5 people at the side of the door.

I do listen, but not enough to actively participate in discussion. It’s also irritating how some just copy everything on the web and not even try to understand what they copied. I mean, c’mon. you’re cheating yourselves anyway. You have been paying for your education that you barely even noticed how to compute for overtime or productivity index. If you’re going to copy from the web, at least study and understand it or at least have the decency to change the font or rearrange it. If your boss asks you to do something, I highly doubt you’ll find it on the internet.


You’re setting yourself up for failure, so I’ll leave you to it.


We ended the day at Pepper Lunch. See you next term, guys! :*

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