11745950_10153377970726878_7735259282614930567_nWe managed to reach Katipunan because of the Holiday! Yayyyy! 😀 Now we finally have the time to try this intriguing Backyard Place.

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Thrice Cooked Crispy Pork Cheek – Php 295 Stewed, Roasted and Grilled Pork Cheek, forbidden black rice, sauteed kale, caramelized onions and adobo hoisin reduction. I wasn’t able to try this dish but it looks appetizing anyway.


Slow Roasted Pork Belly – Php 275 Slow Roasted BBQ Rubbed belly, papaya slaw, homemade rhum bbq sauce, mac & cheese or rice. Rice was plenty and the bbq sauce was good!! but the salad side was dreadful. 😦


Waffle Breaded Fried Chicken – Php 295 Chicken thighs, maple butter, sauteed kale, sriracha ketchup, whipped bone marrow ciabatta toasts or rice. I wasn’t able to try this too but the two gentlemen seems to have zero problem about this.


Ciabatta with Whipped Bone Marrow & Pulled Pork – Php 495 for 4. Ciabatta Toast, Melted whipped bone, bbq pulled pork and sour cream. There’s nothing as good as pulled pork. Can’t go wrong! It’s too good! The ciabatta toasts though is ordinary. I’d prefer a dish with pulled pork and rice.


We also stopped by to try the famous Rita’s. We had Birthday Cakes and Chocolate and Vanilla Custards. One of us ordered a Cookie Dough + Chocolate Custard + Kitkat Blendini. It tasted more like DQ which is so much better than their classic cups. It’s a good thing we only ordered the regular cups. This is an example of a BAD HYPE.


I now love, UP Town. 😀 Too bad it’s too far. :/

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