THOUGHTS: Introduce yourself that will make you unforgettable.

I subscribed to The Muse. And I’d like to share what they posted on their website.

Ever wonder what and where to start when asked, ”tell me about yourself.”?


Tip #1: Communicate Your Contribution

Instead of saying this: “Hi, my name is John Miller and I am the VP of Marketing at Concept Management Northeast, just outside of Boston.” (where everything can be found on your business card)

Start by saying this: “Hi everyone, my name is John Miller. I’ve got 15 years’ worth of experience marketing conferences like this one to vendors, colleges, and HR departments. What I am good at, and the reason why I’m here, is getting the right people, businesses, and great ideas in a room together. I’m not good on details; that’s why I work with Tim. I promise that I’ll get people excited about the conference and the gifts and talents of everyone else in this room will take over from there. I’m looking forward to working with all of you.”

Tip #2: Set Yourself Apart. Be Memorable.

Emphasize what others will get from you. They don’t care so much about the name of your company or even what you do there. They care about what it means to them.

Tip #3: Communicate Culturally

Be mindful if you’re leaving out humor on the side.

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