Okayyyy! So Nitrogen Icecream Shop I was talking to you about is located in BF, Aguirre of course. It was always full, probably because it’s still relatively new, but we’ll see. They do nor accept reservations especially on weekends so you better get there early enough to grab some seats long before the long line sees the dawn.

IMG_6491Bad decisions make good stories — definitely! 😀

I love the interiors! There’s a huge graffiti wall on the side and at the back. It can serve as a backdrop. 😀

IMG_6467 IMG_6462And now for our orders, we ordered all the four flavors. 😀


Cookie Monster — Php 150. Do not be misled by the color, that’s not bubblegum. Plain Icecream drizzled generously with sprinkles.


Milo — Php 150 Milo Icecream topped with cocoa powder and hinted with a syringe of chocolate syrup.


Tiramisu — Php 150 Tiramisu Icecream topped with Cocoa Powder matched with some broas.

IMG_6487Vegemite — Php 150  Least likable of all. It tasted somewhat sour.

But the Milo though was really intensely good. You should try it. BTW, they also have dishes like burgers and chickens and pasta! :))


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