After the game of shuttle cocks, we had to replenish our energy with – yep! you guessed it right! FOOD. lots of it. IMG_5431We ordered drinks first! There are only two types of drink:

IMG_5453Guyabano Shake and Four Seasons Shake for Php 80 each. Both of the shakes were a hit at our table. Five stars for their shake!

IMG_5458We ordered Tokwa’t Baboy for Php 125. The serving was generous since it was enough for a hungry monster of five. The blend of the vinegar and soy sauce was just right.

IMG_5462Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa at Php 140. Veggies were tender and it goes wildly perfect with the Pork Binagoongan.

IMG_5474Crispy Bicol Express at Php 230. I didn’t taste this dish though since I don’t eat Bicol Express.


Pork Binagoongan at Php 230. It tasted like binagoongan but there was a lot of things happening in this plate though. A little less veggies and a little more pork would’ve been better.

IMG_5464Chicken with Shitake Cream Sauce and Shtake Mushrooms for Php 215 The sauce was pretty nice if you’re into white cream sauces. :)) It’s too much if it’s all the viand that you will order.

IMG_5466Pork with Mushroom Cream Sauce for Php 220. 

IMG_5468Porkloin Steak with Mashed Potato for Php 220

IMG_5471 IMG_5440You would think that’s too much? Not for us! Seven dishes for 5 people. Hihi.

Overall, I love ever-yy–thinnngg! I will go back!

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