I was desperate to complete my list. (the list).
We asked our driver what would be the nearest of our list coming from Tam-awan Village, and it was Arca’s Yard.
I am always in a search for book cafes so as listed, there are three. And one of it was Arca’s Yard. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the place.
So we settled for Under the Tree Book Cafe.
It is on the second floor of a building. The place may seem to be too cramped. It is. But, not so much.



If you’re from Manila, this Cafe will remind you so much of  Noriter in Taft. It has wooden chairs and tables. The walls are full of post its from all sorts of visitors. Any one of the visitors may stick a post it on
one of their walls.


It is a self service type so you have to order and pay at the counter.
The cashier though was unattentive and was talking to someone on the phone while taking my order so naturally, she had to ask about my order. Thrice. and I only had two orders.
She was also very snobbish and very friendly — NOT.

He ordered for Chocolate Mint Iced.


He loved the taste and was about to finish the whole thing in a matter of seconds.

I ordered for the Hazelnut Frappe.

First, it did not taste like Hazelnut Frappe, Second, the cashier, as unattentive as she was, probably took the wrong order. Third, if it was indeed their Hazelnut Frappe, there was nothing delicious about it. Fourth, it tasted more like a coffee with whipped cream on top.

Although I didn’t like my order, there are puzzles and board games to cheer me up.
It is a good place for you to past the time, if you’re waiting for someone or may want to read a book.


Will be ready the next time! I was a sore loser in our game of chess.


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