Hill Station is at Casa Vallejo along Session Road.

The place was crowded when we got there so we settled for a table just beside the door.
I wasn’t able to capture a good photo but I believe the place was elegant and a good place for a date.

Since I don’t have any good pictures, let’s go straight to the food.
He ordered for Javanese Chicken – Php 295.00

DSC06584 DSC06586

According to him, there was nothing special about the dish.

I ordered Beef Salpicao and a side order of Rice – Php 195 & 40

As always, Salpicao’s never fail. A little oil and a generous amount of garlic saves the day.
Lastly, I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews of the Death by Chocolate Cake. – Php 120.00
And so we did.
It was moist. The Vanilla Icecream goes perfectly with the half baked cake dough under it.
We can compare it to the Molten Lava Cake from Chili’s.
It was so good. It is our favorite out of the three dishes.
Truly, our death will be justified.


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