We arrived in Baguio  around 4:30 in the morning. It was freezing cold but it was probably because the sun was nowhere to be seen yet. We had taho just right outside the terminal. You may even try Baguio’s Famous Strawberry Taho for Php 15 a cup.

What’s for Breakfast? I thought of the Pizza Place on my list because it’s open 24 hours. But Jude wanted to go to eat 50s Diner but it’s most likely close at that hour.
So we asked our driver what place is open at that hour: Good Taste!
Well, that’s on our list!! so, okay!
The place wasn’t exactly how I pictured it in my head. It looked like a big school cafeteria.
The place was big though — and no matter how it big it was, the place was swarming with people.

He ordered the Longganisa Meal with Egg and Garlic Rice with either Coffee or Juice — all for Php 75.00
DSC06469 DSC06468
Can you believe it? And it was already satisfying. The meal is unbelivably affordable.

I, on the otherhand, ordered the Shanghai Meal. — Php 75
It comes with 4 pieces of Lumpiang Shanghai and Egg. I ordered Pineapple Juice for my Drink.
DSC06471 DSC06470
The Shanghai was bulky. It was full of meat unlike the other restaurants that have their shanghai so crispy but there’s no filling.
Good Taste is actually known for their Buttered Chicken.
Though we both have our eyes fixed in the Longganisa and Shanghai Meal, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to try their best seller.
We ordered the Half Buttered Chicken — Php 175.00

It comes with about 7 pieces of Chicken. It was really tasty. I cannot remember where to compare it to.
But I love its taste! It wasn’t dry at all.

All for Php 315.00 and we still had some chicken to extend to some cab driver.

No wonder why the place was full of people: The food was good and affordable.

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