After having our Breakfast at Good Taste (Experience), we headed immediately at Sitio La Presa.

Sitio La Presa has increasingly becoming popular because of the Teleserye Forevermore where most of its scenes were shot at this so called place. Not everyone knows it, but Sitio La Presa is actually called Sitio Pungayan which is not in Baguio. It is actually situated at the top of Mt. Kabuyao.

How to get there? You may rent a car at Avis, which is just beside the Victory Liner Terminal. It would cost you about Php 2,000 – 5,000 depending on the vehicle. The price is for 12 hours alone. Or, you may decide to hire a taxi just like we did.
The average rate of the cab drivers is Php 800 back and forth the city proper of Baguio. We haggled. So we were able to push our luck to Php 800 for two destinations already. Sitio La Presa and BenCab Museum for Php 800.00

You may want to go to this place really early morning. We were on our way about 8 in the morning and the vehicles were already lining up and causing traffic. From Baguio City Proper, it will probably take you about 30 minutes without traffic. Since we already experienced traffic, we went down the vehicle and walked towards the trail.  



The place was beautiful if only the government keep the vendors only at the foot of the trail and limit its numbers. Both sides of the trail are full of vendors selling corn, potato chips, hats, pasalubongs and other sort of things. There are also some photo op backgrounds prepared for the tourists.


We will be back at an earlier period maybe and a stronger set of legs.


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