My dad has been bragging about this place since forever. He kept telling us to eat at Smile Elephant, together with Three Sisters! But, I don’t blame him. The food was good. I’d hate for him to tell me, ”I told you so”.


They are not located at the busiest street in Kapitolyo. In fact, the street is pretty quiet. They are opposite Zagu. They also have allotted parking so no need to worry about that.


The place is really small so get ready to be seated next to other people. You can almost listen to the other table’s story of how they are discussing about the sale at Powerplant or how this guy plans on bringing his entire family to Iloilo.

IMG_4266 IMG_4270

We wanted everything on the menu. It was absolutely difficult which ones we should pick. We finally settled on Thai Spring Rolls for Php 170. It was o-kay. Nothing fancy or extraordinary though.

IMG_4285 IMG_4289

For the rice, we ordered Bagoong Fried Rice for Php 180. It’s a bit cheaper than most compared to the usual Php 220s and Php 250s. And with its price, it was still more than enough for the two of us.

IMG_4277 IMG_4282

We also ordered Squid Garlic for Php 225. It was crispy and far from being chewy and bubble gum like, that everyone hates. This is a hit! I may not be in favor of the sauce though. You can also try the Fried Basil Squid, which I wanted to try and tell me how it tastes. 🙂

IMG_4292 IMG_4296

Stir Fried Kaylan with Pork for Php 170. You can also order this for the Viand. This kaylan veggie is starting to go up against the broccoli as my top veggie. The pork was crispy and is rather a good compliment for the kaylan. Plus, the generosity of the garlic  — thumbs up!

Now I can say my father was right! Our tummys are full and smiling with eagerness for next time!

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