I have  a magnet for new restaurants to try and a nice, cute ambiance. So I got attracted to this. This is on the second floor of where Nathaniel’s is.


Don’t they have a nice place to just read a book or talk to some friends? Right? Right?:)


Since we just finished, we ordered straight to their coffee. But if you’re starving, they also have rice meals like salpicao or pan fried fish fillet and tocino. They also have pasta dishes like pesto and Italian Sausage. If you want sandwiches, they also have. You can also pick from their array of cakes and sweets on the counter.


Jude ordered their Best Seller – White Rabbit for hp 160. 


I ordered their Salted Caramel Coffee which is not on their official menu but it was, that night. I can’t find anything fancy or unique or extra yummy for me to keep coming back for their food.


But If every I’ll need somewhere to stay to study while waiting for him to finish work, you’ll definitely find me here.


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