From Texas, they are finally here in Manila! All the Wing Lovers should stop by as they claim to be the Wing Expert. Be the judge!


So if you’re a Wing Person, this is like entering the gates of heaven. It was very spacious and bright.  IMG_3817

It’s also a self service type so you order at the counter first before taking your seat. No worries, the place is huge, there are a lot of tables and chairs for you to sit.


Since we are on a mission to try something new every time, we ordered Blue Moon for Php 175 and Stella Artois for Php 135. Nothing new, just like any beer but with a hiked up price.


For their famous signature wings, here are the flavours: 1) Teriyaki – sweet and soy 2) Garlic Parmesan – self explanatory 3) Lemon Pepper – Lemon with Black Pepper 4) Hickory Smoked BBQ – Sweet and smoky 5) Louisiana Rub – Cayene and Garlic Rub 6) Mild Buffalo – Buffalo Sauce with less heat 7) Hot Buffalo – the real one 8) Cajun – Hot Buffalo with even more added spices and 9) Atomic – the spiciest of them all.

So here’s what we actually ordered:

IMG_3837 IMG_3839

He ordered the 5 pc Wing Set of Mild Buffalo Wings for Php 235. It is Buffalo Wings with less heat. Jude liked the taste but we both had one observation; the wings is not dripping sauce. It was a bit dry and tacky. Flavors might have stayed to the chicken but isn’t that the point of eating wings? To get your hands, lips and chin dripping from the buffalo sauce?

IMG_3841 IMG_3844

I always order Chicken Tenders because there’s no way in hell I’ll get my money’s worth of chicken goodness in wings because once I see the brown – reddish meat of the chicken near the bone, I stop. It’s just not my thing to pick the chicken, and devour everything until it’s a shiny piece of bone or what was left of it.

I ordered 3 pc Chicken Tenders with Bleu Cheese Dip for Php 185 and an additional Php 30 for the dip. The skin is full of flavor. Usually, I just eat the skin, because all the white meat is bland. But this one though, it’s really good! IMG_3845 IMG_3847

This is his favorite part of the meal. I know I’ve been telling you guys that he’s a wing person, but since he did not fell in love with the Mild Buffalo set, this Parmesan Fries really caught his attention. And, no doubt. Garlic Parmesan Fries for Php 100.

IMG_3850Though it did not really smack me with a wow taste, I want to go back and taste the other flavors as well.

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