From the reviews of Good Reads, Everyone was sharing that however brilliant the book is, it should not – as much as possible be read by women. This is not a woman – friendly book, they say.

Which is to say, I agree – at some degree.

The first scene was very disturbing as narrated. Imagine the protagonist being questioned in court, in front of the jury, in front of the bystanders, in front of the judge. Everyone in the room except her, have balls. Not the ego, right hand balls — it’s the sensitive male parts, the real balls. Everyone in the room has penis. Everyone in the room is a male. Except for Penny.

And as she was on the stand, she was raped. She was struggling with all her might while her rapist was strongly pulling her legs apart to enter her indignantly.

Her rapist was the wealthiest man in the world. He was her former lover – more of a scientist actually, more of a frog on the table, more of an experiment. There was no affection at all. He used her to accomplish and perfect his whole collection of sex toys.
Allegedly, these sex toys — after about 3,000 women who underwent and was used to get how they react and perfect the combination of stimuli and sensations to climax all the time and reach orgasm — can actually kill individuals, specially women due to sex addiction to the point where the pleasure can stop and kill our brain.

Can you imagine that? Pleasure — our own doing — our lust — our libido can be the source of our own death, the cause of our demise.

And not only that, the sex genius, the mad scientist implanted nanobots – that are so tiny, that are smaller than molecules into the sex toys that women insert in their vaginas. These nanobots are so tiny they swim thru the blood vessels and are so powerful they can control your brain. — and clone another human being.

So why do this and go through all that trouble? His fiance, died after 136 days of being married to him. The Protagonist? she was a clone of his dead wife.

There is, undeniably – nothing wrong with pleasure, of sex, of lust. As long as it’s with the right person, at the right time and place and at the right amount – volume and frequency.
Let’s not our penises, our clitoris, our vagina and all our sensual and sexual parts rule over our heads. Okay?

However mad and sick Chuck is, It’s a good book I’d say.
It’s different.

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