I’ve always been a fan of Greek Food. Therefore, when one finally opened in our favorite street hub, we had to try it. Our first try, they were full so instead, we went to Hiyas – which by the way did not disappoint. Check them out:


The first thing that caught my eye as I have a thing for ceiling ornaments. IMG_3194

We arrived there around 9:30 in the evening and they were hesitant to take us in because they close at 10 pm. IMG_3209IMG_3211

We both ordered Gyros. He ordered Chicken Gyros for Php 235.


While I ordered Beef Gyros for Php 255. We both didn’t like our gyros. It is extremely packed with greens after greens. There’s not much room left for the meat – chicken and beef. They’re all just vegetables.   IMG_3217IMG_3219

You can also order one siding to go with your gyros for Php 150. We ordered fries.


I apologize for the lack of words – as it is equal to my lack of interest in what we ate. Poor choice of restaurant.

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