On our third day, we decided to have fun! We already visited temples, museums, galleries and other KL’s National Heritage. So for today, we’re going back to being a kid.

Sunway Lagoon is like an alternate ego of Universal Studio.

IMG_2920 IMG_2924


First Stop: Airplanes A pretty easy first!

DSC06293 DSC06305

Second Stop: Scream Park A fucking 20 minute walk inside a building full of walking zombies that will scare the hell out of you. We were too wet from our sweat by the time we got out from all the screaming and running and chasing.

DSC06310 IMG_2926

Third Stop: Carousel Ride. We decided to try this kiddie ride just to have fresh air dry our clothes. Hahaha.

DSC06312Fourth Stop: Scream Park Cafe. We ate Nuggets for Lunch.


Fifth Stop: Eagyptian Tea Cups. The Cups are moving in circles, The floor where the cups was moving and the entire floor was moving too. What the fuck did we get ourselves into. It’s like we’re inside a Kaleidoscope. Dizzy. DSC06321

Sixth Stop: Tomahawk. It’s as scary as hell. It swings from left to right until it turns 360 degrees. So obviously, only the two boys were on that ride. Haha.

DSC06322 DSC06329 - Copy

Seventh Stop: The Lost City of Gold (in short: Roller Coaster) The two assholes forced us to ride as you can see from our faces.

DSC06338 - Copy

DSC06315 DSC06336 - Copy

I loved it! I wanted to have another go at it but Alex doesn’t want to already. I felt empowered after! Haha. But Alex was still afraid.

DSC06337  Eight Stop: WaterPlexx


Ninth Stop: The Entire Waterpark. We practically just passed since we were not prepared to have our clothes soaked in water.

DSC06352 - Copy DSC06354 - Copy DSC06367 DSC06370

Tenth Stop: Skybridge. From up here, you can see the entire Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park.

DSC06372 DSC06377

Eleventh Stop: Wildlife ( In short, Zoo)


Twelfth Stop: Train. Because we boarded the wrong train, we got stuck for an hour and we literally had the whle train to ourselves. No staff, No driver, No anyone. And yes, we couldn’t leave because the train doors were closed.


Last Stop: Genting Highlands – This is in partnership with Megaworld. The whole place is situated uphill. It’s an hour drive along their expressway. Alter Ego: Tagaytay. It has a very cold weather since it sits on top of a hill. The whole place is like a Gamble Addict Magnet. It’s also a Resorts World.

We stopped by for Milkshake.


IMG_2970 DSC06446

Thank you for a great time, Malaysia!


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