The team from UP College of Law was declared as the Overall Champion for the 2015 International Round of the 8th Annyal Price Media Law Moot Court Competition. 

Remarkable Isn’t it?


They defeated 100 universities who took part in the competition including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Lebanon, Serbia, Tobago, United Kingdom and United States.

The Moot Court Competition is a simulated court proceeding that will prepare each of the law students for the real world litigation. It aims to foster an interest in some of the most cutting edge issues of our time by using solid empirical research that is grounded in historical context.

What was the case? They defended a legislation of a fictitious country that found a blogger civilly liable for advocating converting a minority religion by all means.

The winning team is composed of Gil Anthony Aquino, Gemmo George Fernandez, Rachel Miranda, Raphael Pangalangan, Pip Chungalao and Pauline Gairanod.

I may not be able to understand every word a lawyer has to say, but I am deeply proud of this winning team. Not only did they make their families and friends proud, but they also represented the Philippines. So to everyone, Congratulations and you did a remarkable job! Thank you for honing such great minds, UP!

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