We’ve basically ignored the existence of this small restaurant at the corner when entering this food street. But faith has its way of playing with us. We had four attempts – but every single one of them was CLOSED. I suggest if you’re planning to eat there for lunch, be sure to arrive before 3 in the afternoon and for dinner, it should be 6 onwards. No super Late lunch or Early Dinner for that matter.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing the famous BBQ of Three Sisters from my dad.


Would you believe that they have been around since November of 1941? That makes you think that their BBQ is relly quite special, huh? So here’s their list of best sellers.


If you’re looking for something that wouldn’t raise your blood pressure, you can also choose from the following:


Jude has always been the Chicken Guy and I’ve always been the BBQ Chick. So what in the hell happened when he ordered the BBQ? He absolutely loved the BBQ.

IMG_2349IMG_2356This absolutely generous meal only costs Php 165. This Pork BBQ Combo Meal is obviously full of protein. You get two huge sticks of highly seasoned meat, a tall structure of Java Rice and their famous pancit drizzled with crispy bits of chicharon. I think you’re saliva just went down the floor right there. 😛

IMG_2358 IMG_2361Since he got my usual, I ordered the equally satisfying best seller. Lechon Kawali Meal that costs Php 195. It wasn’t all fat. It was crispy and it’s perfect with Mang Tomas, ofcourse! It comes with a plain rice or have it upgraded like I did to Java Rice for Php 25. And instead of the Pancit, this meal comes with Adobong Kangkong – which for me is so-so. Nonetheless, the viand paired with Java Rice really deserves to be listed as their Best Seller.


Affordable and Delicious! Win-Win! See you with TFs soon!


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