What better way to start my day with a good ‘ol breakfast right?
The Bab fetched me around 6 to spend time during the day. He told me he had to be at the office that day.
And nothing beats the French Toast of Starbucks.

After eating breakfast, (which is still too early, BTW) Starbucks was just a two-minute walk to the office.
He had this unrelenting urgency to bring me to the office.

Hurried Steps, and when the guards opened the grill doors and finally the glass doors, there it was.
A Balloon filled floor welcomed me and greeted me Good Morning! It was such a surprise.
It was surreal, even. It was a tumblr worthy picture – where girls keep re-publishing. It was that type.
Towers of Balloon guarded my place. Colorful floating things floating beside my feet.

A bouquet of my favorite flowers was waiting for me at the table. A huge Charles & Keith Bag was
patiently sitting there on my desk.
A HAPPY BDAY JANNA in big bold gold letters hang on my wall. It had a nice touch. He knows what I’d love.
The Gold Accent made it perfect. It was. It is. Perfect, I tell you.

The Branch People hovered beside me. It doesn’t seem so bad to be working on your birthday. Isn’t it?
Not only did I had to go to work, I also had my Metres Class.
BUT, the admirer fetched me from school. Because of Personal Matters, had to go to the hospital afterwards.
I squeezed in a little Birthday Dinner. Barcino — Pasta and Wine.
Thank you for making everything so special. Though the Immediate Family practically let the day pass, I have you.  

And thank you for all the Birthday Greetings! and the well wishes.
It’s a good thing the Ilocos Adventure pushed through or I’d be devastated.

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