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No matter how many semesters I finish, I will always dread First Days. :/ It’s nice to meet new people who may eventually be good friends, but being in a room where you don’t know absolutely anyone frightens me. I was 40 minutes late on the first day. To add to my misfortune, I didn’t even know what room our class was. I had to ask from the registrar and upon reaching the room, THERE WAS NO GODDAMN CLASS that day. Goodness! So anyway, I attended a different class – a subject I already finished. Like a thief, I manipulated Roumel’s Professor to take me in.

First Saturday Class with Alex on the right. I was wearing the dress she gave me and she was also wearing the necklace I gave her. Talk about being twins right? It was a good thing the professor allowed Alex and Maf to transfer their schedule to his class. I think, and hopefully will make the most out of this subject.

On the side note, I realized that I will have 4 absences on his class. I hope he doesn’t drop me out. :/

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