An excerpt from the book, ”If life is a Game, these are the rules” by Cherie Carter – Scott. 

This probably is my favorite lesson I’ve come across. In so many phrases, in so many authors, in so many books, one essence. Now read this carefully.

Every person creates his own reality. You can either engage in the blame game, or you can take control of your life and shape it as you would like. You can either let your circumstances dictate what happens to you, or you can transcend your perceived limitation and make extraordinary things happen. 

When you fully recognize your challenges, your gifts, and individual reality, and you accept the life path they present, the world provides whatever you need to succeed.

When you claim authorship of your life, the world responds and the genius ignites. 

When you begin to live your life understanding that what you make of it is u to you, you are able to design it according to your authentic choices and desires.

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