There should at least be Work-Life Balance, right? Hence, the stressful Saturday Classes should now be
replaced by Stress-free Christmas Party.
Picture 252 Picture 256
We decided to hold our Christmas Party at Rich’s Condo at Sun Residences.
Initially, we wanted to do a ‘themed’ Party where the food would have choice like — Mediterrenean, Chinese, Japanese or American. Reality? A potluck that went down to a Buttered Shrimp, a take out from Rustans POwerplant of Roasted Chicken and Liempo. That’s it.
Picture 258
First Impressions kind of Introduction.
Picture 260
Migo to Rich  – Rich is someone who likes to be the center of attention. ‘Epal’ in Filipino.
He gave Rich an Ateneo Jacket.
Picture 261
Rich to Edward – Edward looks like someone who’s really Intelligent and Bright.
He gave Ed an empty box.
Picture 262
Edward to Migo – Migo seems the quiet and timid one.
He gave Migo a Polo Shirt from Kultura.
Picture 263
Alex to Janna – Janna looks like a Biatch with her poise and the way she carries herself.
She gave me a dress from Forever 21.
Picture 265
Janna to Roumel – Roumel seems the type who’s serious and who only cares about his grades.
I gave him a Stormtrooper Toy Collection from Toys r us.
Picture 267
Roumel to Alex – Alex, together with her friend looks like a High Maintenance Girl.
He gave Alex a Green Dress from Forever 21 – which I picked and bought, BTW.

You want the funnier and heartfelt version? Click this link.
Picture 287 Picture 286
Right after, we decided to swim. Check out our pictures.
Forgive our protruding bellies – like I mentioned above, we had Buttered Shrimp.

We all had fun. Merry Christmas, you guys!
See you Next Year!

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