Upon  making a left from what seems to be a very busy street in Kapitolyo,
the corner building lot screams a bold Ninak Asian Comfort Food


Ever noticed how it it spelled backwards? Kanin – our staple food. The one thing that I find hard to
eat without. As we entered the store about 6:30, the tables downstairs was already full. So we had the pleasure to pick our spot
on the second floor. The restaurant is infused with Black and Green Hues but are minimalist in their design. Though I find their
kitchen cramped in the corner – as I can see it from where we were seated.


You will also find a small function room on the second floor which  can accommodate atleast 15 to 25 people.


My eyes was weighed down with tears as I wanted to try so many food at once. Gluttony, I know. But I didn’t want to go that path. Haha.
So anyway, here’s what we really consumed:

Laksa – Php 280
A huge bowl of dish was served to us – having a love-hate relationship with coconut, I particularly liked this one. Not bad, eh? Really not bad. The serving was good for two to three persons. It is packed with flavors and stuffed with Squid Balls, Chicken Fillets, Shrimps, Baby Hard Boiled Eggs, Tofu and garnished with Bean Sprouts and Cilantro. Oh boy, as I am writing this, I still wish that I have the power to snap my fingers and have a bowl right now.
IMG_8078 IMG_8080
Bagoong Rice – Php 150
The serving is just right for two – which is also very affordable too. This has always been our order. And it is already a full set meal itself – Green Mangoes, Sweet Pork,
and Scrambled Eggs.
Soi Chicken – Php 299
Deep Fried Chicken garnished with crispy garlic bits with a sweet, spicy dipping sauce. For the love of god, I think he doesn’t consider anything a complete meal unless there’s a chicken dish on the table. Huh. — And I don’t even love chicken. So this is deep fried, which means that you really need to battle over the meat from the bones which I officially avoid when eating as I have a sensitive case for bones, blood and veins sticking out. Oh well, he was the one appointed to scurry over this dish anyway. 🙂
What am I to complain?
Grilled Vietnamese Pork – Php 255
Marinated with Singkamas Relish and Nuoc Nam Sauce. Huge Serving!

They say you know it’s been a good experience if you want to bring your loved ones too. Right?
Well, I want to treat them here. Sounds good, Ninak?

Unit 101 Seven East Capitol Building, E. Capitol Drive, Pasig

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