BOOK REVIEW : DAMNED by Chuck Palahniuk

So I started reading this book Mid – October. And I don’t know why I only actually finished this one last week of December. It was quite interesting from the start – the way this 13 year old girl was able to paint a picture of how hell is in the eyes of Chuck.

To get you started, here are some places in Chuck’s Hell:

  1. Great Ocean of Wasted Sperm
  2. Blood
  3. Swamp of Partial Abortions
  4. Swamp of Unwanted pregnancies
  5. Sea of Insects
  6. Great Plains of Broken Glass
  7. Endless array of Cages
  8. Steaming Mountain of Dog Piles
  9. Swamp of Rancid Perspiration
  10. Meadow of Unchecked Toenail Fungus
  11. Desert of Dandruff
  12. Volcano of Surly guffaws
  13. Thicket of Amputated Limbs
  14. River of Hot Saliva

You can also read the 18 quotes I picked from the book.

  1. Dying seems like the greatness weakness
  2. Death is one big mistake none of us ever plans to make.
  3. Hell occurs to me as a tad bit obvious and self-indulgent.
  4. You’d be foolish to count on people displaying high standards of honesty
  5. Girls tend to be terrifically smart until they grow breasts
  6. Adolescence occurs as a kind of Ice Age of Dumbness
  7. Nothing was a sin, just a poor life choice.
  8. One man’s god is another man’s devil.
  9. Hell is where your own desires take you, stealing you away from God and the original plans God had for fulfilling your soul’s perfection
  10. Admiration for any female who can present herself with such apparent lack of self consciousness, seemingly in complete disregard for how she might be judged and exploited by her audience.
  11. Reproducing is a kind of booster to keep us loving life.
  12. Every audience gets the performance it expects.
  13. Its stunning how having nothing to lose will build your confidence.
  14. It’s our attachments to a fixed identity that tortures us.
  15. Seldom do we break our stride in our relentless campaign.
  16. I am free to reinvent my story, revise myself, my world at any given moment.
  17. The greatest weapon any warrior can carry into battle is absolute certainty of her eternal soul.
  18. When we neglect to fear such a brittle monstrosity, we render it powerless.

A parent will always be a parent. They will always teach their child. Now the following are what Maddy’s parents preaches her.

  1. ”Every new maid wants to fold your underwear a different way.” – You have to stay smart and not let yourself be pushed around.
  2. ”Every audience gets the performance it expects.” – If you’d shown more gratitude and appreciation for the precious miracle of life, then life itself would’ve been more wonderful.
  3. ”You’ve got to strike while the flatiron is still hot.” – Dress yourself and Carry yourself well all the time.
  4. ”When you’re shooting on location, be ready for rain.” – You never know what fate will throw at you.
  5. ”Two lips and a tongue can tell you anything.”’ – Get all your deals in writing.
  6. ”If you don’t know what comes next, take a good long look at what came before.” – If you allow it, your past tends to dictate your future.
  7. ”Every garden looks beautiful in May” – Everyone is somewhat attractive when she’s young.
  8. ”The secret to being a good comedian is to never stop talking until you hear someone laugh” – Persevere, Be determined.

All in all, there is no drive to read the novel again. Like what the other reviews I read, it’s a Breakfast Club Movie written in Black and White in a different set up.

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