I have been wanting to try Toby’s Estate ever sine I’ve heard of it. Coffee – Do I need to explain?

Toby’s Estate is located along Leviste Street beside Wildflour.

IMG_8013 IMG_8011 IMG_8009Beautiful Interior.

IMG_8021 IMG_8022

Grilled Four Cheese – Php 320 I have no words except tummy-blown! What more can you ask for? CHEESE. really. Four Cheese – Mozarella, Emmenthal, Ricotta and Parmigiano. This is served with some chips and some spicy tomato siding.


I ordered one of their more popular drink. Mocha – Php 160. From all my posts before, I cannot deny that I do have a really sweet tooth. But this cup of coffee is too thick. The cup wasn’t even hot when served. I had to have it reheated. The thickness and sweeness of this cup is too much.


But Toby’s is a perfect place to conduct meetings or just read a book. I won’t come back for the coffee, but I would definitely crave for some Good Grilled Four Cheese Sandwich.

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