Tucked in the busy streets of Makati, tucked in the middle of Central Business District, tucked in the lowly streets of Yakal, there you will find the hidden H Cuisine. H Cuisine is known and proud of their Most Famous and Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly.

IMG_7643 IMG_7641 IMG_7636The place is pretty small. It can sit only around 15 – 20 people at a time. They do have a second floor but its mostly for private functions. By the way, H Cuisine also extends their yummy palette to catering services. Its cozy and the beige slash nude couches adds class to the cozyness of the whole place.

IMG_7644 IMG_7647For starters, Asian Chicken Salad (Php 178) – Chicken, Peaches, Greens and what I tasted like peanut sauce – for the salaaaddd! It’s good. it’s not whoah.

IMG_7653IMG_7654Creamy Pesto Fish Spaghettini (Php 228) – One of my favorites but the least favorite of the boyfriend. It comes with a garlic bread which he claims to be delicious. The serving was generous and the dish wasn’t dry.

IMG_7651 IMG_7649Save the best Main for last? The hero of this restaurant. Their famous Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly. (Php 228/single) It’s served with a little tea candle to keep it warm. The Beef Belly was soft and tender and dumped generously with gravy. For all the Gravy Lovers out there, you will have to try this. It’s also served with baby potatoes, carrots (which is hard, btw) and some string beans.

IMG_7665Cookie Dough Cheesecake (Php 98) This for me would be the highlight! Who would’ve thought I’d like a cheesecake. This hits home. :))) The bottom-most layer is an arrow to my heart. :)))

IMG_7661Until next time, H! I’ll probably visit your other branch. :))

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