EVERYDAY: Sip and Gogh

Uhuh! It was a surprise all right. 😀 I have been wanting to do this like forever. Unfortunately, the place was far from our usual spot – Makati or Ortigas. Luckily that week, they had a session at Podium! Yayy!

So what exactly is Sip and Gogh you may ask?

You pay Php 1,000 per person – You get to paint (everything is free – apron, paint, canvass) and a glass of wine (may it be white or red).

IMG_6566 Welcome Aprons for the Participants! :)) Are you ready to Gogh?IMG_6561 IMG_6569 A palette of white portions of color splatters. :)) 3 brushes, a small towel and a picture of the pattern.  IMG_6571 Now, for the process of completing the pattern. Don’t you worry now. A host will guide you step by step. Literally, every flicker and movement of your brush, they’ll guide you. 🙂IMG_6575 IMG_6581 IMG_6586 IMG_6593 IMG_6600 IMG_6604 The complete pattern. 😀 IMG_6609 IMG_6613 IMG_6618Definitely more fun! 😀 Yayyy! Wuhoo! It’s worth a try. Hopefully, we get to try other patterns next time! Thank you, Babe!

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