EAT MAKATI: Cali Burger

It’s been said, time and again. The best burger that everyone has tasted was In & Out. I’ve tried it twice back in 2006 and as lucky as I am, I have senior moments all the time. I cannot say it was the best – as I cannot even remember how it tastes like.

But anyway, when Cali Burger came to here in Philippines, I hear people comparing this to In & Out.  Naturally, we had to try it.

IMG_6375It’s such a bright, happy and sunny place inside. 

IMG_6378 Unlimited Drinks – Pink Lemonade and Orange Juice. Lemonades are my guilty pleasures!

IMG_63812 Burger Meal – Php 245 – It comes with fries and unlimited drinks already!

IMG_6383 We also got a side of Buffalo Wings for my Chicken Man.

IMG_6390 IMG_6392

I love the music and the environment! I don’t think there’s something special with this place though.

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