BOOK REVIEW : Adultery by Paulo Coelho

I haven’t the slightest interest in being happy. I prefer to live life passionately, which is dangerous because you never know what might happen next.

When night comes and no one’s watching, I feel afraid of everything: life, death, love, lack of it, the fact that all novelties quickly become habits, the feeling that I’m wasting the best years of my life in a pattern that will be repeated over and over until I die.

I always feared of the same things; not being able to provide for my family, not being able to see the world – or even half of it, living a mediocre life, doing the same work – work which I do not even life but acted as my comfort zone ad just waiting for life to happen one day after the next rather than making life happen.

After a certain age, you have to do irrelevant things – to pass the time, to show others that your body is still in working order, to express that you still appreciate the value of money and can still carry out humble tasks.

Sin is followed by a fear of being caught.

It’s odd how whenever we meet up with old school friends, we always think they haven’t changed at all, even if the weakest has grown strong, the prettiest has ended up with a monster for a husband, and those who seemed the closest have grown apart and not seen one another for years.

It’s even sad how awkward and how nervous you feel when meeting up with your old friends as if you can’t even remember how to act around them when you were once inseparable. It happens.

I rejected almost everyone, because I knew that if anyone ever managed to enter my world, they would find nothing of interest. It was best to maintain an air of mystery with a hint of unattainable pleasures.

This may not be true for a lot of poeple, but is is for me. It may also be the reason why I only let a few people inside my bubble and why I’ve rejected so many. And only through this that I realize who are true with their intentions anyway.

Why are there so many laws trying to create new tribes instead of simply accepting theat cultural differences can make our lives richer and more interesting.

There is nothing more important we can give than the love reflected in our own lives.

When we love someone, we’re not satisfied with knowing only the person’s soul, we also want to understand the person’s body. It beats that moment of revelation when shyness loses ground to boldness, and quiet moans turn into squeals and swearing.

There is nothing else to discover, and we try to get as much pleasure as possible from the same things. This is like eating chocolate ever day, without changing brands or trying new flavors: it’s not a sacrifice but isn’t there anything else?

Everything we seek so enthusiastically before we reach adulthood – love, work, faith – turns into a burden too heavy to bear.

I’ve seen men madly in love with their wives lose their heads and beat them, only to beg and sob for forgiveness immediately after. We are incomprehensible animals.

Only men are incomprehensible animals who always tends to forget that they are committed.

We aren’t who we want to be. We are what society demands. We are what our parents choose. We don’t want to disappoint anyone. We have a great need to be loved. So we smother the best in us. Gradually, the light of our dreams turns into a monster of our nightmares. They become things not done, possibilities not lived.

I can only hope that all the things on my list and all the possibilities that may come my way be fulfilled.

When we release our dark side, it will completely overshadow the best in us. 

There comes a time when defeat is inevitable, but at least they fought until the end. We already have everything we need. There is nothing to improve.

But that’s life, reality never comes close to our teenage romantic fantasies.

It’s the fiction authors who are mostly at fault for always building the hopes and standards of little girls of how guys should be when in reality, even the most genuine men who are living now is far from being the ones at the books or movies.

Men cheat because it’s in their genetic code. A woman does it because she doesn’t have enough dignity. In addition to handing over her body, she always ends up handing over a bit of her heart. A true crime. A theft.

For men, it is just a stupid mistake. For women, it feels like a spiritual crime against all those who surround her with affection and support her.

If married people, for whatever reason, decide to look for another partner, this does not necessarily mean that the couple’s relationship is not doing well. Nor do I believe that sex is the primary motive. It has more to do with boredom, with a lack of passion for life, with a shortage of challenges. It’s a combination of factors.

I agree. Its boredom and monotony that kills all.

I want to fall in love with him again. I never stopped loving him – I’ve always loved him and always will – but our life together is verging on monotony. Love can withstand this, but for lust, it’s fatal. 

Sex goes from being a passion to a duty, and that’s why it becomes increasingly sporadic. Before long, it only happens once a week – if that. 

Well, for one – You have to dress up and not wear elusive, lame clothes. You know you partner loves you but for you keep the attraction, work on yourself. Go the gym. Make yourself handsome enough. Never lose attraction just because you two are comfortable with each other. Do your make up and don’t wear baggy clothes too, girls.

Love isn’t just a feeling, it’s an art. And like any art, it takes not only inspiration, but also a lot of work.

That – all married people always have a secret crush. It’s forbidden, and flirting with the forbidden is what makes life interesting.

Jealousy tells us ‘You could lose everything you worked so hard to achieve’. It blinds us to everything else, to the moments we’ve joyfully experienced, to happy times and the bonds created during those occasions. How is that hatred can wipe out a couple’s entire history?

When you think about it, Yes it would be unfair to trade all the years of happiness to one single act of third party sex. But I can never see myself forgetting the image of infidelity, of flirting and having to kiss my partner back when I know he’s been with someone else. So rather than torturing the relationship of always bringing up that one infidelity experience, I’d rather end it for good.

Nothing happens without effort. You have to have faith. and for that, you have to break down the barriers of prejudice, which require courage. To have courage you must conquer your fears.

Going after a dream has a price. It may mean abandoning our habits, it may make us go through hardships, or it may lead us to disappointment. But however costly it may be, it is never as high as the price paid by people who didn’t live. Because oene day, they will look back and hear their own heart say, ‘I wasted y life’.

Carpe Diem, as they say. Always.

When you love each other, you have to be ready for anything. Because love is like a kaleidoscope. It’s in constant movement and never repeats itself.

There are times when we should stop to take a look at the whole picture; our past and our present. What we have learned and the mistakes we made. I was always afraid of those moments.

Do you think all this beauty and grandeur can fit in a little square of film? Record things in your heart. It’s more important than trying to shoe people what you’re experiencing.

Sometimes, or most of the time, memories fail me. And pictures remain the same even when feelings have changed or the persons in the picture has left or changed too.

What kills a relationship between two people is precisely the lack of challenge, the feeling that nothing is new anymore. We need to continue to be a surprise to each other.

True love can compete with any other love in this world. When we give everything, we have nothing more to lose. And then fear, jealousy, boredom and monotony disappear and all that remains is the light from the void that does not frighten us, but bring us closer to one another.

Why do we want to live forever? Because we want to live another day with this person by our side. Because we want to keep going with someone who deserves our love, ad who knows how o love us as we think we deserve to be loved. Because living is loving.

Is it safe enough to say that I love the book? I’d definitely will recommend the book. Please read Adultery by Paulo Coelho.

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