TRAVEL: BUKIDNON – What to Do and Where to Go

My friends and I booked a tour with St. Michael Explorer for Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin and Bukidnon. For our last day, we went to Bukidnon. We left the Hotel at about 7 in the morning and arrived between 8:30 to 9. It was a good thing that we went during Rainy Season as there are only a few tourists. From what I have observed, we were only 4 group of friends. We have all the Dahilayan Adventure Park to ourselves. It wasn’t crowded at all and there were no lines.  


Upon arrival, we paid the famous Zipline. It boasts as Asia’s Longest Zipline – 840 meters. You can pay Php 500 for the 840M line or pay the Php 600 package which includes 350m, 150m and the 840m line. Everyone opted to pay just for the longest one as everything is the same except for the distance.


If you’ve experienced other Ziplines in the Philippines like the one in Tagaytay or in Legazpi, you’d know there are at least 3 positions to go about it: Sitting, Superman or the Spiderman (where you are released upside down). For the longest zipline, the only position is Superman.


I would never willingly choose a Superman position but I had no choice. It was horrifying for me.  We were on the process of putting on the essentials. I was asked to hold the metal then I was lifted. The gates of horror were opened, the cold wind brushing through my hair and touching my cheeks, I screamed twice but then it all got better.

It was a long run. It looks scary. But there’s nothing to be scared of after.

Next in line: Drop Zone for Php 500 and Php 750 for tandem.


Can you imagine leaving your heart to someone as if feeling empty? That’s exactly how you’ll feel when you go to this ride.


It boasts of 120M height. You will release yourself  at the very peak and be pulled by gravity whichever way it wants. You swing from one end to another. You are being held on by a wire not a straight line. So expect it to be more squiggly and unstable.

IMG_6111 IMG_6128 IMG_6133

This is definitely the highlight of my Dahilayan Adventure. It scared the shit out of me more than seeing my Mom at the door after going home in the wee hours – more than that. I had to scream the whole time.

Please watch the video.

Third Adventure: Ropes Course


It definitely looks easier than how it is when one foot is hanging by a rope already. I immediately backed down. I have no reserved testosterone for this.

Fourth Adventure: Luge Php 200.00

This also gives you an entrance to the café and 1 game of Mini Golf.


The race car that’s dependent with the pull of gravity. It was so fun. We started at the foot of the Railroad so we had to ride with the Park’s Transportation back at the top.


All you have to do is pull the lever towards your body to stop and push it forward to increase your speed. This was so fun! I felt like a racer for 10 minutes. You get to drive for 2 rounds.


Though we weren’t able to see other parts of Bukidnon, our visit to Dahilayan Adventure Park was enough to make me love Bukidnon.

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