EAT MAKATI: Fish & Co.

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The last time I ate here, I was still wearing a blue skirt and a white blouse – my uniform which was about 4 years ago already. I love seafood and I love the Bistro Group. From my opinion, They didn’t set up a restaurant that has failed yet. I love all the restaurants in their family.

Anyway, we were looking for a new place to eat on a Friday night. I wanted to scout in BF again but the boyfriend experienced the horrendous traffic last week so he firmly said that we need to eat in Makati Area only and go home after the rush hour.  And like what I said awhile ago, I ate here four years ago while Judey has never eaten here yet.

IMG_5649 IMG_5650


Love ordered the Fish and Ribs – Php 595 The dish served their famous Breaded Fish and a portion of Ribs. A very large portion of their Fish gets old (nakakasawa). But paired with Ribs, it was all good. It was also served with Java Rice and some veggies. It was a complete meal.

IMG_5652 IMG_5651


Anyway, I ordered the Sambal Prawns – Php 595 Succulent prawns sautéed in spicy sambal sauce served with rice and vegetables.

The magic here was the sauce. I have no means or intentions of downgrading their sauce, but the sauce tastes like the soygarlic sauce of Master Siomai. It tastes so good that I had to ask for some more sauce. Yes, the shrimp was succulent but I do know how to cook one and their shrimp I think was left to be steamed over their required time.



In aggregate, I love my order. Jude love his. And I’m glad we tried this again. Good Job, Bistro!


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