Life was given to us a billion years ago. What have we done with it?

The major premise of this movie is that humans only us a small percentage of our brain.
Apparently, according to the movie, a certain drug, CPH-4 (what women produces on her sixth month of childbirth as a source of nutrients for the fetus) will be able to unlock a person’s brain 100%.

So it’s merely a myth. A widespread cliche of a myth.
And now I wonder, how much of my brain am I actually using?
If I am actively using a 100% of my brain, I would want to hear other people’s thoughts be able to create a masterpiece or read a whole book in 10 seconds and memorize it. I’d want to control my body and my feelings. I would want to be able to lift heavy objects or have the perfect skin and hair.

But all these things that we want to undo, it makes us human. It is our ability to make mistake, to cry, to trump on small stones along the way, it makes us all grow.

If everyone has the ability of being a limitless God, a person who seems to unlock a 100% of its brain, then we wouldn’t appreciate anything at all anymore. If everyone is able to hear other people’s thoughts, then we won’t listen to that person anymore, or
what he/she has to say. One won’t even have privacy and there’s no use of communicating with each other and interacting with one another. If everyone has the ability to create a masterpiece of an art, then it wouldn’t be called a masterpiece in the first place. If everyone can read a book in 10 seconds, who would appreciate the delicate words of the author? who would smell the scent of the book’s pages? how can a person imagine one’s self in between those pages? If I am able to control my feelings, then who would choose to feel pain? If no one feels pain, how can anyone know if they’re feeling excited, or nervous, or happy? If everyone has the perfect skin and hair, how can you appreciate other people’s beauty?

These things that makes us human, makes us grow as a person. and that is worth the roller coaster ride of human life here on earth.        

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