EAT FORT: Baskin Robbins

I naturally have a sweet tooth. I literally eat sugar everyday of my life.

And I finally got a taste of the Famous Baskin Robbins.


Jude ordered Pistachio Almond and Cookie Dough


While I ordered World Famous Chocolate and Chocolate Chip.

Service was awful. Servers, I do know that you’re still fixing the Pint orders, but Christ you could have atleast looked up at the customer in front of you, smiled and said ‘We’ll get your orders next. We’re just fixing the last order”. But no, you didn’t even recognize the customer. You can’t even remember two orders I placed. And really, 5 – 7 minutes for 2 orders? You just have to scoop it.

Enough of my rants, I don’t want to generalize all of them, but the ones I tasted, it wasn’t Woah.

Ramadan Holiday!

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