EAT MAKATI: Wildflour

IMG_4857 IMG_4862I find Wildflour’s environment very classy and the place looks expensive too. I’m just so glad they opened here in Salcedo Village too. 

IMG_4864But I think they’re being too cost-savvy for placing their menu on a simple piece of paper. Or, they may be thinking that their food must speak for themselves rather than an extravagant menu. I don’t know which is which but they would’ve made their menu better at least. right?

IMG_4866As a compliment starter, we were given what I believed to be a Garlic Bread, together with some butter and salt. – Nothing special. 

IMG_4870 IMG_4867

Kimchi Fried Rice – Php 495 The serving was good for 2 provided you have another set of dish. They only have a little portion of the beef. And I wished that they toasted the yellow part since I don’t eat it. Or they could’ve asked instead. I still prefer the one in The Girl + the Bull

IMG_4878 IMG_4876

Grilled Chicken Burger – Php 395 I’m not fond of Chicken Burger. But Jude wanted this. It comes with a tall glass of fries. The Coleslaw in between the buns was good though. It adds flavor to the normal chicken sandwich. 

IMG_4882Overall, I love the interiors, I liked the service / servers, I liked the Kimchi Fried Rice but I love the one beside me more. Hihi. 





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