EVERYDAY: Hell after Relief

Life can make fun of us in a number of ways. After feeling relieved and happy that it was our final report for the subject, life throws a ball at us. : We had to repeat our report next weekend.

Why? Because our professor couldn’t find the time to give us her comments and feedback before the class. It’s her rule that we need to submit our presentations not later than 6pm during Thursdays. Our class starts 12 noon every Saturday. And, what an honor for us to have a pick at her brain. She gave us feedback 10:30 of Saturday. And she expects us to have revisions already? Wow. How considerate of her.



Anyway, to laugh at ourselves and wash off our irritancy towards our very cool professor (DEFINITELY NOT), we head out to eat. Fortunately, I have friends who ran a comedy bar on their own.

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