EAT MAKATI: Pino Resto Bar

I’m telling you. I have the purest and most sincere suggestion to eat here after meeting with my group. But then, it turned out to be a big inside joke.

We were dead starving. I read somewhere that the normal consumption of a person usually happens every 6 hours. but then, I last ate during lunch. and it was 11 in the evening already. So can you imagine how fucking furious my stomach was?


Alex ordered Kalderetang Lengua – Php 225. I DONT EAT LENGUA. therefore, i only trust her opinion on this when she said that it was delicious. though I think the serving was quite small.


I’m sorry for failing to obey my policy on trying out food and restaurants – which is to always, always try something new. But, oops. I ordered the same food I ate the first time I ate at Pino. Bagnet Binagoongan – Php 245

P.S. in the middle : The boyfriend ordered the Sisig Rice – Php 225. It was good. It wasn’t crispy from what I remember but it is, it was, it’s good. But I wouldn’t even consider it as one of the best.

So what was the controversial inside joke? My classmate wanted to try something unique and out of the blue. And the one thing that caught his eye was Pino’s Watermelon Steak – Php 220 okay, okay. I have to admit. – this will really strike your curiosity.


Our jaws dropped. and we were waiting for the rain to fall on the hottest day of summer. Gaah. We were waiting for the waiter to land another plate on our table. WE ARE CARNIVORES – GODDDAAMMMIIT. (I know, provided that they specialized in vegetarian food). But seriously? The waiter didn’t even cleared things up when we ordered.

You know what we imagined? For the pricing, i’d say a small amount of steak. But I still expected a red meat to be served. What we expected was a steak garnished with some watermelon sauce or drippings. But what Pino offered? a Grilled Watermelon. One slice of Watermelon for Php 220? Value for money rating? 1 being the lowest.


Nonetheless, the rest of orders was okay. It was good actually. And that watermelon steak was a drag but it made us laugh the whole night.

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