We asked why they named the restaurant nomama. The answer was simple: Not your Mama’s  Ramen. Why? I have no idea either. 

We ate at Capitol Commons branch. and boy was it hard to find a parking slot. Passh.


They had high ceilings! 😀


And this right here is the instagram worthy corner. HIhi. Too bad though because the window that you see on the left? that’s their kitchen. So if you’re seated there, waiters will be passing time and again. 


Nomama’s Menu. 


Our starving faces and hungry stomachs. 


Tori Karage Slider – Php 195 This is not an appetizer. You can finish this as your main meal already. Nothing special in their chicken. But the japanese slaw made all the difference. Yummmyy!


Nomama Ramen – Php 245 Junior Size. I’m telling you, stick with the junior size. The Regular one is a monster. It’s a house pork stock, special miso-sesame blend,chasu and tomago. I don’t know anything about ramen and I’m not a fan. But this one though when I tasted it, it’s the taste you’ll get tired of after 4 to 5 spoons already. 


Prawn Ramen – Php 290. Seared Fresh Tiger Prawn in white miso broth. This comes with two huge prawns. And the soup tastes exactly like a shrimp. 


Nutella Stuffed Cookie topped with Vanilla Bean Icecream. It was a soft cookie batch and tough you might picture a gooey sticky nutella crawling out of the cookie, it wasn’t like that. The nutella was kind of meshed together in bulk. Ice cream was good too and they also had cocoa on the side. Nevermind the strawberries. Haha. 


A lovely dinner with my love trying out a new one again. I love you, babe. 

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