THOUGHTS: Why women doubt men


1. Inconsistency

The fact that you go out of your way to fetch me, or bring me flowers and cook me food, I expect you to do the same things regularly.

It doesn’t have to be everyday, it doesn’t have to be that grand. But, always make us feel how important we are to you. It’s not like I like you Mondays and You don’t exist Tuesdays. It doesn’t work that way.

2. I’m one of them.

You send me Good Morning and Good Night texts everyday but then you do the same to everyone on your Phone book. You call me incessantly but call other girls too. You send me flowers when you do the same to others. So how do you really want me to see things?

3. Closed Book

If I’m special, trust me. If you want this to become more than what it is, then open up. Tell me about your day. No, actually what I want you to tell me things other people don’t know about you.

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