TRAVEL: Zambales

We have been planning this since our first class meeting. And now, here it is!

But then, the surf instructor called and informed us that there won’t be any waves that day. Our back up plan? We just plan to chill at the beach. 




Second spot? The Circle.

Let me tell you the place is plainly for surfing. There is no picturesque corner or resort in this part. The circle had a huge kubo which is very relaxing if you just want to hang out with your friends, drink, play cards, sleep at a hammock, play and sing with your guitars. The place encourages you to doodle.


This was the picture and the exact reason why we agreed to stay here on a spur of the moment decision.

When we got there though, the place was too cramped. The hammocks were side by side each other. I suggest that if you want to go here, reserve the ones in the big kubos – they are perfect for friendly bonding. 


Anyway, we ended up at Kina-bot at sir-ping.

The kubo was Php 800 a night which can fit around 6 – 7 people. There was only a mattress on the floor and one fan. 3 plugs and nothing more. It was tambayan type which was also perfect.



We left Makati around 3:30 in the afternoon and arrived there at about 9 in the evening. There were already people who were drinking outside our kubo. Edward, one of our classmates decided to join them for a drink and so did everyone else. 




So meet Ping and Anon, our new found friends. As much as it seems that they are just manginginoms sa kanto, ping is actually one of the owners and a known surf instructor too. Anon on the other hand owns a shrimp hatchery and is a good friend of Ping. Aside from what they do for a living, they are actually pretty cool to hang out with. They are very laid back and easy going. Plus, heavy drinkers too. Haha. We finished two Emperador, 1 Ginebra and about bottles of San Mig and 6 Tanduay Ice. We also met the owner – Kuya Bot around 2 in the morning when he told us to tone down our voices because he has a baby. They were all very welcoming and kind.Image






We were all okay the next morning except for Roumel. Haha.

We went for a swim and tried surfing and skim boarding though there weren’t any waves at that time. 








Overall, it was a blast. Ping and Anon even drove all the way to Bataan to have lunch with us at Alex’s house and came with us to drop us off at the Bus Station.


We will be coming back. 

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