My Love, My Life, My All



Someday, I want to experience freaking out of wedding details. I want to argue with you what flowers should go inside the church, or what color of tux should you wear, who our ring bearer is, the color of our invitation, what our theme song is, what flavor our wedding cake will be or what band should we hire. I want to take hundreds of prenuptial pictures with you. I want to attend a wedding rehearsal and not be scared that you might flip out because I am aware of how much you love me and that you won’t do anything to hurt me. I want to experience arguing with you on the number of our guests. I want to attend marriage seminars and know perfectly that we are for each other.

Someday, I want to have hundreds and thousands of butterflies in my stomach not because I’m nervous but because I am full of excitement to finally be called your wife. I want to wake up glowing of joy and pure happiness knowing the day has finally come. I want to wear make-up on that day because that’ll be the last day that I will need it because with you, I am reminded that I don’t need to wear one every day. I want to wear the most beautiful and perfect white gown (and you know how much I love whites) and know that it will be the gown that will mark the start of my ever after with you. I want to wear a sparkling fantasy shoes because I’ve already met my prince charming. An intelligent-charming-handsome lawyer slash banker slash archaeologist prince charming. I want to experience having my smile overused because of all the people who wants to immortalize our special day. I want to feed you our cake and let you drink wine knowing that I will be doing it for the rest of our lives. Lastly, I want to walk down the aisle perfectly happy knowing that all of my dreams are waiting for me, ready to take my hand and exchange vows in front of god and in front of our families and friends. I want to walk down the aisle and say I do to the man of my dreams.

Someday, I’d want to finally and truly scream, ‘Honey I’m home’ when I come home to you. I want to go home really early and bring home food from my bistro or cook loya with a very crispy bangus. I’d want to welcome you and wait for you at the door. I want to untie your shoes and give you a little foot massage before bringing you your slippers. I want to unbutton your polo and hand you fresh clothes. I want to welcome you with pasalubong food when I have late meetings and you’re home early so you’d know I still think of you when I’m out. I want to have regular weekend adventures with you. I’d want to implement Wednesday as our date days or Saturday as naked butt day. I want to argue with you when you left the toilet seat up and have make-up sex after. I want to scold you when you purposely leave your dirty clothes on the floor and not on our laundry room. I want to wake up early in the morning to cook you breakfast every day. I want to cook bacon or pancakes and waffles with juice or your favorite brewed coffee. I want you to wake up with a table full of breakfast food. I want to take long bubble baths with you on Fridays or just because you had a long day at the court. I want to give you massage when I find you seated at your home office. I want to hug you from the back of your neck when I see that you’re thinking too much. I want to make you coffee late at night and wait for you to finish work. I want to hold your hand while we’re both reading our own books in bed and kiss you randomly that’ll turn into something else in some days. I want to secretly place small gifts on the compartment of your car or in your sock drawer. I want to make kiss marks on our bathroom mirror. I want to be the one who irons your clothes. I want to smell your scent when I wake up in the morning. I want to bring you milk when you’re about to go to bed. I want to cook champorado during rainy season and watch DVDs with you all day. I want to be the one to make you drink water and take care of you when you come home a little bit too drunk. I want to call your law office and tell the assistant, ‘yes, this is his wife’. I want to prepare merienda like suman or nutella breads on weekdays. I want to bake cookies and brownies that you can bring to your office. I want to be the one to prepare your veggie shake after our visit to the doctor and he tells us your sugar is too high. I want to stay home na dtake care of you full time when you’re not feeling well. I want to be able to tell you when you’re being an ass and kiss you to let you know that I still love you.

Someday, I will want to harass you to get me dalandan at 3 in the morning or look for mango caramels of cebu.  I want to take documentary changes of my body as our twins are growing inside of me. I want to experience having your lips so near my belly just because you are talking to our babies. I want to look around the mall tirelessly looking for baby stuff. I want to ask you repeatedly if I’m getting fat and hear you say that I still look the same even if I gained 10 pounds. I want to be stressed out of working out because I’m trying to lose my pregnancy fats after I give birth to our twins. I want you to be there to tell me I still look pretty even though I haven’t taken a bath for a week because the doctor says so. I want to tell you ‘Babe, my water just broke. We’re going to have a baby’. I want to hold your hand when it feels like the world is ripping me apart. I want to be with you during our baby’s first cry. I want you to be there to hold her. I want to be with you when we realize that our lives have changed. I want to know that you are with me to raise our child.

Someday, I want to kick your back at 2 in the morning because it’s your turn to get the twin’s milk. I want to laugh with you when we smell her poop during our family sundate. I want to experience having group baths as I hold him and you hold her. I want to hear you singing along Disney cartoons just because they like it. I want to watch you taste gerber food because you’re showing our kids that it tastes good even if it isn’t. I want to wipe the sweat from your head because you’re already tired from carrying them around the whole mass. I want to be able to tell them not to play with your papa’s shoelaces. I want to fight with you whether they said mama or papa first. I want to take loads of pictures because we have two angels added in our family. I want to argue with you of who’s turn it is to change their diapers. I want to laugh with you of how we’re going to tell our children about flowers and bees or Santa Claus and Tooth Fairies.

Someday, I want to come home with a box of pizza and find you teaching our kids Math Problems on the dining table. I want to bring home beers and juices on a Friday Night and watch movies with our kids on our Home Theatre. I want to laugh so loudly when our little boy manages to imitate you by writing a mustache on his face and wears a suit and tie because he want s to grow up exactly like you. I want to wake up early in the morning to prepare the kid’s baon and a healthy meal for my handsome husband lawyer. I want to listen intently when you preach our baby girl not to wear skimpy clothes when she grows up. I want us to visit their room every night to tell them a story or simply kiss them goodnight after a long day. I want to wake up on Sunday mornings only to find out   the kids have prepared the newspaper and the coffee so we can all stay in the bed.

I love you beyond anything words can come up with. 


2 thoughts on “My Love, My Life, My All

  1. Very long list : ) Stumbled on your blog while Googling “Magnum Opus”. Loved reading your food entries.

    Maritina from Makati


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