EAT MAKATI: Dad’s Saisaki and Kamayan

The long rain days are over. The sun came out – Performance Bonus was credited already. Nope. It wasn’t a happy time for me. Though, we are going out to treat the staff to a buffet. 


We treated the staff to a buffet at Vikings, Megamall. It’s frustrating. You want to have a set of friends in the office that you can really drag along anywhere. But then, you’re stuck with colleagues who doesn’t have the same wavelength as you do. What they find interesting, doesn’t suit you. What they find cool, you find boring and normal. It seems they haven’t tried anything ever yet – and I’m not talking about this alone. Hay. What does it take to at least have fun loving colleagues, to make life more bearable at the office?  


They are kind, yes. But fun-loving? I doubt. 


The other set of table


Ofcourse, always the best part. I had Mango thingy, chocolate pudding, stick-os and gummies on my first plate. Classic Yogurt with sprinkles, mango and chocolate chips

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