I’ve been seeing a lot of cozy pictures from this cafe that I wanted to try. And because enrollment is coming and I’m planning to take an exam, I had to review starting now. Therefore, where can you review better than a coffee shop? Bed looks too comfy that I’ll end up sleeping. Besides, Coffee, a cozy spot and my favorite person beside me? I’d choose the second one. 😀


Self Service just like all the other coffee shops out there. They also have this beaping thing like the ones at Coffee Bean to know when your order is up. 


Ahhh! Look at the walls.:))) staircase leading to the second floor. 🙂


Black and Red with typography on the walls? Feels like this was made for me! 


Hazelnut Truffle Muffin and Double Vanilla Hot. 🙂 The muffin was GOOD as expected. 


My very patient Algeb Tutor. 


My Energy for the whole day review.

I will come back!

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