And I have a new tasting Buddy to try the Hot Star that was brought to us by the Snob Richard Chua. 


It’s a Self Service Restaurant so Order here. 



And your number will be displayed here when your order is up already. The waiting time was quite long knowing they only drown the chicken – cause everything is deep fried. So what’s taking them so long? 


Original Chicken (Php 110) with rice and drink (Php 145)

First, the meal is very affordable for the size of the chicken. The Chicken Cut was HUMONGOUS. My friend and I both wasn’t able to finish our meals – and not because we are girls – but it was simply gigantic. The taste? It was okay but boarding on awful. It was different, kudos to being different and being daring but it was awful. It seems that their breading had some sticky rice attached to it. And the owner commented that he tweaked everything to cater to the Filipino Taste? Oh C’mon. If you’re going to copy Bonchon – which is located beside your store, you might as well copied their Recipe too. Your Recipe and your breading is awful. 

The only good thing about your meal? It’s huge. Taste Wise? Jollibee is even better. 

I think it only be a hype as Filipinos likes to try new restaurants but just like IHOP, After a year, you’re gone. 


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