EAT SAN JUAN: Angel’s Kitchen

My Forever Partner knows how much I love trying out New Restaurants – especially the ones that are hidden from all the Mad Crowds.

Tucked in one street near Greenhills Shopping Center is Angel’s Kitchen.


The lovely set of their table. – The Angel’s Kitchen’s Romantic Water Bottle.IMG_1331

Melba Chips with Chicken Pate – The Chicken Pate was awfully good. It’s something – for a free appetizer? Definitely good. IMG_1333 The ambiance was homey. It was simple – far from extravagant but the lovely water bottles makes it look like you’re about to be served an expensive wine. IMG_1335 My Handsome Date. IMG_1338 Pinakbet Rice with Lechon Kawali and Bagoong with Chocolate (Php 388) – All the ingredients were common like others. Though, it was full of flavour and the rice wasn’t dry. The Lechon Kawali had large cuts, so nothing to worry there.All in all? The Signature Dish was more than good, I would say. IMG_1340 The Chocolate was poured on top of the Bagoong though the saltiness overpowered the chocolate so it tasted nothing but what a Bagoong would taste like.IMG_1342 IMG_1344


The Choco Lava – A very Moist, at the peak of baking melted brownies topped with Vanilla Icecream with Chocolate Syrups. WHOAAHH.

P.S. They also have Carmen’s Best Icecreams. And yes, My date will bring me here again. 🙂

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