EVERYDAY / TRAVEL: Birthday at AcuaVerde, Laiya Batangas

I always, always celebrate my birthday with friends and family separately.
I wanted to get drunk but then my so-called-friends can’t even spare one drunken night for me.
Nevermind them, less expense anyway. And I get to spend the whole day with y lovey!
We were choosing between Acuatico and Acuaverde – same owners.
Acuatico had it all in picture. They had an awesome infinity pool, again in Picture. Once we went inside to check it out, it was good though it wasn’t woah. It was infinity – but it wasn’t huge.
So we preferred to stay in Acuaverde, got a room in half priced (Because we were only staying for their Daytour)

The Reception Area – two girls welcomed us though only one was warm and friendly. Once we decided what room to get,

Welcome Drinks – Gulaman

The Beach Front – sand was full of stones , it was free of garbage but it hurts your feet when you walk.

If you’re going to stay here as Daytour, you will inly have to pay Php 1,100 with free kayak, lunch and PM Snack.
First, Soup

Lunch is served. Fish Fillet was crispy and hot with a mayo dip plus Kaldereta which is as good as the fish fillet too. It wasn’t too spicy. It also comes with a siding of Buttered Vegetables And rice, ofcourse.

The meal comes with an I ed Tea already so there’s no need for you to order a drink. But we ordered Strawberry and Chocolate Milkshake. It was awful. The Chocolate milkshake tasted Milo with crushed ice and the strawberry tasted like it came from a can or syrup.

Halo-Halo was also served. It was a good comeback from milkshakes.(:

The resort also has a Bar, darts, table tennis, chess, dama, snake and ladders and more.

My love and I enjoying the place. There were only three sets of people in the resort so we pretty much have the place to ourselves.

Thank you for my birthday cake, babe.

Turned 23 this year.

My flowers.(:

The PM Snack Tuna Sandwich with Chips and Soft drinks

Thank you for my present, babe.

Thank you for a great day, a memorable birthday. I love you.

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