EVERYDAY: Birthday with my Family

When we do celebrate birthdays, it’s always with an extended family. It’s usually the set up for Filipinos.
And in my family, we’re always 13-14 people. I’m on a tight budget here and my awesome mom celebrated her birthday as well last 17. So we decided to celebrate it together.
My mom thinks that a Chinese Cuisine is always best.

Meat Platter

King Fish in Taosi Dauce

Birthday Noodles

Yang Chow Rice

Fried Chicken
We also had Crispy Shrimp and for dessert, we had Almond Lychee

The Whole Gang.

My Mom and I – the Birthday Celebrants.

With my siblings.

Happy Birthday, Ma! Love you.

Mandarin Palace Aguirre Ave, BF Homes.

One thought on “EVERYDAY: Birthday with my Family

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