BOOK: Irreparably Broken by KJ Bell

Appearance is far from reality.

Tori (the lead girl) and Brady (the lead boy) has a lot of issues. Actually, I do not share the same sentiments as with Tori. I don’t believe that your first relationship will always have a hold on you. It doesn’t mean that the first person who held your hand, the first person who kissed you, the first person who made you feel loved will always have an effect on you.
But yes, you can learn a lot from your first. Though her experience, I must say was a lot worse. The situation – walking in a room during a party and seeing a girl you don’t know have her lips surrounding your boyfriend’s most private part and that you actually see that he’s actually enjoying it. It sucks big time. Especially for an insecure and jealous girlfriend like I am. (Ooops.)
And boy, does she has her heart in a cloud. In a month’s time after her breakup, she managed to catch a coworker’s heart, she managed to have her childhood crush fall head over heels in love with her AND his brother plus she has her ex boyfriend wrap around her fingers.

Not giving a damn is easy. Facing your fears and desires is hard.

I can’t stand knowing I’ll never have her.

She’s slowly turning into a drug I can’t conceive living without.
You bring sunshine into my life.

As long as I have you, I’m okay. You’re the only one I will ever need.

Thank you for picking up the pieces and gluing my heart back together. Without you, I would’ve been irreparably broken.

BOOK: Irreparably Broken by KJ Bell

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