VENICE: My Birthday Wishlist.

My birthday is coming up and I wish to extend my Christmas until next month. I’ll be celebrating on the 27th! πŸ™‚ So feel free to look and send me your gifts. Hihi.

1. Fujifil X10 – Please. This is first on my list for a reason. (Php 15,000.00)


2. Fujifilm X-M1 Brown. – This is actually on top. But this costs (Php 40,000)


3. Universal Clip Lenses – for my phone. (Php 1,200.00)


4. Holga 135bc Red and White – Black will do just fine.


5. Diana f+ films.


6. Diana f+ Cases – Any color.


7. Instax Cases for my 7s – Broowwwnn!


8. Tripod – 4ft will do. (Php 750.00)


9. Manpod? – that’s what they called it in glorietta. (Php 1,250)


10. Color Filters for My Diana f+


11. Thin Belts. – I need. (Php 200 – 300.00)


Aside from all this crap, I really need to

  • go to the beach.
  • I need a new job.
  • beach, beach, beach
  • abs. I need abs in my life. I need to have one.
  • I need to go to Vigan. Please.
  • I need to travel.
  • I need a fat bank account.
  • I need a derma. 😦

You noticed the emphasis of all the need? It’s not an option. Please send me. or grant any of my wishes. PLEASE. THANK YOU.


    1. Hi Stacy! Yeah! We should do that! I’m just not sure how we’ll be able to send our gifts! πŸ™‚ But I’m only turning 23 on January 27th.


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